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TOP Multi Tech Submersible Multi-stage Well Pump (With Automatic Control & Pressure Vessel)

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TOP Multi-Tech Submersible Multi-stage Well Pump – For Domestic & Civil applications. Used for supplying water from reservoirs, tanks or relatively deep wells.

Flow rate up to 120 l/min (7.2m³/h) Head up to 42m

Brand: Pedrollo

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TOP Multi Tech Submersible Multi-stage Well Pump with Integrated Fixed Speed Control & Pressure Vessel


The Pedrollo TOP-MULTI-TECH Submersible pumps are recommended for pumping clean water and liquids that are not chemically aggressive for the materials from which the pump is made.

Because of their high efficiency and reliability they are suitable for use in applications such as domestic water supply from reservoirs, tanks or relatively deep wells, for drawing rain water from cisterns to water gardens or for use in irrigation systems, etc.

TOP MULTI-TECH pumps are fitted with an internal electronic device which starts the pump when the pressure of the system falls below 1.5 bar (eg. when opening a tap) and stops it when the flow falls below 3 litre per minute.
It protects the pump:
– against dry running;
– against starting too frequently;
– against blockage: after long periods of pump inactivity the electronic device starts the
pump every 48 hours for 10 seconds.

Comes with A 4ltr pressure vessel included in the price. (GWS/PWB4LX)

For the best operation of the Top Multi Tech pumps the installation of a pressure vessel is required. This helps avoid frequent pump start ups which can result in energy savings. 


Glass fibre reinforced technopolymer delivery body, complete with threaded ports in compliance with ISO 228/1
Glass fibre reinforced technopolymer pump body and suction filter
Stainless steel AISI 304 motor sleeve
Noryl FE1520PW impellers

Noryl FE1520PW diffusers complete with anti-wear rings
Stainless steel motor shaft EN 10088-3 – 1.4104

Complete with:
10m long power cable
– Internal electronic device for pump starting (when tap opened) and stopping (when tap closed)
– Threaded connector 1 ¼” (delivery)
– Hose connector Ø 35 mm


Flow rate up to  120l/min (7.2 m³/h)
Head up to 42m
Restart pressure: 1.5 bar


5 m maximum immersion depth
– Maximum height between pump and point of use 10m
– Maximum liquid temperature +40 °C
– Suction down to 22 mm above ground level
– Continuous service S1

Additional information

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions L 178 x W 178 x H 428 mm


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