Rainwater Harvesting Pumps

We can’t guarantee most things in life, but one thing for sure is that living in Great Britain, we will most certainly get rained on! And when it rains, it pours…often for days on end! So why don’t we use it to our advantage? Rainwater Harvesting is becoming increasingly popular and by using recycled rain water to water your garden or flush the loo, you will not only be reducing your carbon footprint but saving money on your energy bills too!

We have a wide range of pumps for all your Rainwater Harvesting needs so whether you are looking to pump rain water directly from a borehole, well, pond or collection tank from your roof we are sure to have the right pump for the job. These applications are already numerous in allotments, equestrian properties, farms and agricultural grounds, market gardens and for water features. For further information or assistance, please call us on 01827 59595