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The PEAK – Multi Application Submersible Kit For Rain & Well Water Recycling

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Rain & Well water recycling / harvesting – simple setup

3 Bar pump giving 40 L/min

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The PEAK – Multi Application Submersible Kit For Rain & Well Water Recycling

This Multi Application Submersible kit can be used for a range of applications including recycling rain or well water.

Rainwater harvesting is the collection, storage and transfer of recycled rainwater, for use in various residential or commercial environments.

This water can be used for various applications from water your plants, washing vehicles and can also be used in the home for washing, cooking and showering.


– Submersible multi-stage well pump – For domestic used supplying water from reservoirs tanks, or wells.
– Pressure sensing fixed speed pump controller – Automatically starts and stops the pump. Features Dry Run Protection & Auto Reset.
– 4ltr Pressure vessel – Used to store a small amount of water at pressure to stop the pump starting unnecessarily.
– Three-way brass connector fitting – with 1″ Gas Connections, to connect the pressure vessel in the system, before the first draw off.
– 1 1/4” Non-return valve – Used on the outlet of the pump to avoid cavitation (dry running) in the pump.


3 Bar pump giving 40 L/min


You could use such a system for automatically watering plants, filling troughs, washing cars, washing trailers and more.


The water can be made for human consumption via a suitable filter system. Increasing the usage spectrum of your recycled water and also decreasing your ecological footprint.
We sell a large range of filtration systems and UV filter systems. Please click here


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