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PRESFLO MULTI Pump Controller

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The PRESFLO MULTI pressure sensing pump controller automatically starts and stops the pump. Features Dry Run Protection & Auto Reset

Brand: DG Flow

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DG Flow – Presflo Multi Electric Pump Controller


The PRESFLO pressure sensing pump controller automatically starts and stops the pump,

It is a substitute for traditional pressure switch/surge tank systems while offering important advantages


– Water Accumulator – Built-in
– Non-Return Valve – Built in
– 3 Pieces Union – Integrated
– IP65 – Enclosure
– Resin Protected PCB Electronic Board
– Free Positioning – Vertical, Horizontal or any angle
– Excessively Frequent Starts – Protection with auto reset
– Dry Run – Protection with auto reset
3 ltr tank

3 Pieces Union – integrated – Avoiding the need of expensive 3 pieces unions
Non-Return Valve – built-in with easy inspection – Avoid the need to install one
Pressure Gauge – easy-to-add – Optional: it can be added anytime
3 litre Diaphragm Water Tank – Preloaded at 1.5 bar.
Adjustable Start Pressure – Easily and intuitively by turning a screw using the supplied screw driver

Pump Matching Essential Check

Carefully check the electric and hydraulic features and make sure they comply with those of the pump and the system, but in particular:

Presflo 1.5 bars start pressure requires:
– pump head of at least 2.5 bars &
– the water column between the device and the highest user point
must not exceed 15 mtrs – less 2 mtrs tolerance = 13 mtrs


Max Pump Power: 1.5Kw / 2.0Hp
Start Pressure: 1.0 – 5.0 bar
Max Current: 16A
Water Storage: 3 ltrs tank
Protections: Dry Run / Frequent Starts / Over Current
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Connections: 1″ BSP
Cut Off Flow Rate: 2 l/min
IP Protection: IP65


Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions Length: 303 mm Width: 166 mm Height: 168 mm

Performance Data



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