VIQUA Replacement Lamps & Parts

We stock a range of replacement UV lamps, quartz sleeves and controllers for Viqua UV systems. To ensure your UV system is working to its highest efficiency it is advised that the lamps, and the Quartz sleeves be replaced annually.

Genuine Viqua Replacements 

There’s more to it than fit. Your VIQUA UV system is engineered, tested, and certified as a complete unit – including the lamp.

The photos below illustrate a real-life scenario in which a non-VIQUA lamp was used in a VIQUA system in a residential installation. The customer’s original complaint was of both smoke and water coming from the UV system. After investigating, it was determined the non-VIQUA lamp had malfunctioned, causing serious heat damage. Based on the material specification, this level of damage indicates temperatures reached were in excess of 250C/480F.

Always remember, it’s more than just fit! Using non-VIQUA lamps in VIQUA systems voids all electrical safety certifications and potentially product warranties. It simply isn’t worth the risk.