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Marco UP14/E-BR 12/24V Gear pump with pressure sensor + variable speed control

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Marco UP14 E-BR Self-priming pump with bronze gears for the transfer of diesel fuel, water & antifreeze.

Flow rate up to 46 l/min  Max Pressure 2.5 bar

Brand: Marco
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Marco UP14/E-BR 12/24V Gear pump with pressure sensor + variable speed control


Self-priming automatic electric pump, 12/24V, with constant pressure electronic variable speed control for the transfer of diesel and oil. Bronze gears, NBR check valve, body and connections in nickeled brass, stainless steel shaft. FKM seal and NBR O-rings. Helical bronze gears guarantee constant pressure, heavy duty cycles, less noise and can operate in the absence of liquid. The pumps are supplied with a “High-Speed” setting for Diesel transfer. The integrated SCS control panel allows the switch to the “Low-Speed” mode for the transfer of oil and viscous liquids.

There are numerous fields of applications for the pump, however only exclusively with the allowed liquids mentioned:

-Transfer of light weight lube oils, antifreeze, etc…

-Transfer of diesel fuel between tanks, refuelling of tractors, earth moving machines;

Control Panel

The control panel for electronic pumps allows to remotely monitor the operation of the pump and interact with it. It is in fact possible to see when the pump is On and if there is still liquid to be transferred. Furthermore, you can turn Off and On the pump with the simple push of a button.

In case of arrest due to end of liquid or overload, you can reset the alarm and restart the system without having to turn off the power.
The speed of the motor can be controlled in order to avoid problems like cavitation and/or overheating of the pump.


Code: 16476015
Type: UP14/E-BR
Volt: 12/24V
Fuse: 30A
Max Flow Rate: 46 l/min
Max Pressure: 2.5 Bar
Self Priming up to: 3m
Weight: 5.2kg
Dimensions 201x174x111mm
Ports: 1/2″ BSP with brass connection


Max Flow Rate: 46 l/min
Max Pressure: 2.5 Bar


Fluids Allowed / Not Allowed:

Allowed: Fresh Water (max. 85°C-185°F)
Allowed: Diesel Fuel minimum flashpoint (PM): 38°C-100°F
Allowed: Oil (max 86°C – 185°F)

NOT Allowed: Petrol (Gasoline)
NOT Allowed: Flammable Liquids with PM <38°C-100°F
NOT Allowed: Liquids with Viscosity >20 cSt
NOT Allowed: Foodstuff Liquids
NOT Allowed: Corrosive Chemical Products
NOT Allowed: Solvents

Temperature: Min -10°C / max 60°C
Relative Humidity: max. 90%


Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions Length: 264 mm Width: 174 mm Height: 174 mm

Performance Data



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