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Ecosoft AquaPoint whole house filter system

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The Ecosoft Aquapoint is intended for purification of cold water for household purposes.

Maximum Flow Rate: 83 l/min Recommended Pressure: 3-5 bar

Brand: Ecosoft

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Ecosoft AquaPoint whole house filter system


The Ecosoft AquaPoint home filter is suitable for filtration or prefiltration of a cold water supply. The system is designed to be either Floor-standing or Wall-mounted to make installation easier. It will provide pure filtered water for use in houses and apartments.

Before purchasing you should make an analysis of your water and know what it is you intend on filtering from the water.

Standard filter sets:

1. Filter Set for high Sand and Chlorine – 20″ Big string Wound Sediment Filter – 20 micron | 20″ Big Granular Activated Carbon Filter


  • Taking a shower or bathroom will be much pleasant. AquaPoint filter makes water transparent, without chlorine and the rotten eggs smell
  • House cleaning will be easier. You will forget about the yellow stripes on the plumbing in your bathroom
  • Washing machine and dishwater will operation better and longer


Weight of:
dry filter, not more than: 30kg
filter with water, not more than: 100kg
Standart size (height) of replacement filter: 20″
Connection type: Inline
Connection size: 1″
Water operation temperature: +5…+35°C
Max flow: 83 l/min
Recommended pressure: 3-5 bar


We recommend changing the replacement filters every 2‒6 months to maintain filtration levels. AquaPoint filter has two pressure gauges that will help you determine when it’s time to change the replacement filters.

1. Filter Set for high Sand and Chlorine: CPN452020ECOEXP | CHV4520ECOEXP

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions Length: 300 mm Width: 529 mm Height: 890 mm

Performance Data

The AquaPoint can be used a pre-filter as part of a larger water treatment system. The image below shows how the AquaPoint could be used along size a Premium water softener, a UV disinfection unit and a Reverse osmosis system. to provide a complete water treatment system.



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