Low Voltage Pumps (12/24v)

The important thing to remember is that if you only have limited power, you will only get a pump with limited capabilities and lifespan – to get a high pressure or high flow-rate you really need mains voltage.

That being said there are a number of pumps available to meet a variety of needs in 12v and 24v (see Low Voltage Pumps), some that come complete with crocodile clips for connecting directly to a battery. Examples include small submersible pumps for water or diesel transfer, boat bilges, small-scale irrigation etc.

Please note that the motors usually have a duty cycle of around 20 minutes, and have a finite life depending on the number of hours used. They can only be described as “light duty” pumps.

There are self-priming surface pumps (non-submersible) and bronze-bodied peripheral pumps also available for other light duties such as water transfer, pressure boosting and circulating. Again, as with all low voltage pumps, they have a limited life span governed by the hours usage they get.

We can also supply 12v or 24v pumps for emptying drums, pumping diesel into/out of lorries or earth-movers and even for removing engine oil.

If you have a choice, then we would suggest that you choose mains (230v) as pumps tend to be more powerful, the motors don’t mind being run for long periods and they certainly last longer than low voltage ones.

One thing to note is that low voltage does not necessarily mean low price !

If you would like to discuss your requirements or need help in selecting the best solution please call us on 01827 59595 to discuss the options or e-mail us using sales@pumpwarehouse.co.uk