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Increaser SF200 – Water Pressure Booster

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Designed to increase water pressure & flow

Output up to 40 l/min @ 3 bar Tank Size: 200L

Brand: Pump Warehouse

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Increaser SF200 – Water Pressure Booster

The Increaser SF Range of water pressure boosters are designed to increase water pressure and flow within a domestic or light commercial property.  With a water storage capacity of 200 litres this product is ideal for smaller properties with 1-3 showers.

This range of water boosters is designed to work with a pressurised hot water system i.e. a Megaflow or Combination Boiler system.

– More water pressure and flow to multiple outlets
– Designed for potable water
– WRAS approved materials
– Automatic operation
– Minimal maintenance
– Quiet operation
– Efficient energy saving operation
– Easy to install
– Dry run protection
– Integral overflow weir
– AB Air gap
– Suitable for up to Fluid Category 5

The F range comes with an fixed automatic pump controller that starts and stops the operation of the Increaser™ unit when it senses a demand for water, supplying a set pressure to your outlets

The V range comes with a variable pump controller that will intelligently adjust the performance of the Increaser™ providing a constant set pressure to multiple outlets. The variable speed controller will also ensure that the Increaser runs more efficiently therefore reducing the energy consumption of the unit.

Why do I need an Increaser?
To increase the water flow in your property there must first be more water. If your mains is not delivering, then you need an Increaser unit to store your own water ready for when you need it most. This can then be pumped to your outlets when needed giving you a plentiful supply and excellent water pressure.

Will it be noisy?
Motors create noise, but by incorporating an ultra-quiet pump within the Increaser unit, means that the unit is about as quiet as you can get.

Is it easy to plumb in?
Our unit is designed to remove the headache for your installer. We check every unit before it leaves us to ensure that it is in perfect working order when it gets to you.


The Increaser SF200  will produce approximately 40 litres / min at 3 Bar
NOTE: A minimum of 0.5 bar incoming pressure is required for our Standard Fill Valve

Technical Details

Useable Water Volume: 200ltr
Tank Weight Empty: 26kg
Power Supply: 240V, 50Hz
Mains 2m Power Cable: 5 amp fused 3pin fitted UK plug.
Current Input: 3.4 amp
Access Cover: 285mm
Inlet: ½” BSP
Outlet: 1” BSP
Overflow: 1 ¼” BSP
Drain Off: 1” BSP

* Images for illustration only. Tank Colour may vary
* Subject to being correctly plumbed. Shared pipework may affect pressures.



Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions L 584 x W 584 x H 1190 mm

Performance Data


Additional Information

What is the difference between the fixed (F) and variable (V) speed version?
The fixed speed version has a standard pump controller that ensures you always have a minimum set pressure to your outlets. As more outlets are opened the pressure/flow will reduce.
The variable speed version has an intelligent pump controller that will supply a smooth luxury flow of water to every outlet by maintaining a constant pressure/flow throughout your property by speeding up and slowing down to suit demand and reducing energy consumption.

What size property will this supply?
The Increaser is scalable and additional capacity can be added for large properties or those with particularly poor incoming flow rates. We have designed this unit to fit in all domestic properties, although incoming flow rate and required usage must be taken into consideration. If you have a particularly low incoming mains and a lot of people wanting showers at the same time you may need an additional Increaser slave tank to ensure you have enough stored water to meet demand.

What if my tank runs out of water?
The controller will turn off the pump if there is no water in the tank. It will automatically reset after a short delay allowing the water volume in the tank to recover. The pump protection feature ensures a long and happy life for the pump.

Where am I going to put it?
Unfortunately there is no small way to store 120 litres of water, but this Increaser C unit has been carefully designed to fit in the space of a standard kitchen unit (similar to a washing machine) for properties where space is at a premium.


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