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DAB – AQUAJET 132 M-G – Automatic Booster Pump

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Automatic booster sets, suitable for domestic, small civil, farming or industrial installations, washing plants and leisure activities.

Flow rate up to 80 l/min (4.8m³/h)
Head up to 48m

Brand: DAB
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DAB – AQUAJET 132 M-g – Automatic Booster Pump


The DAB AQUAJET 132 M-G Automatic booster sets feature a JET self-priming electric pump, a 20 litre capacity mebrane tank, pressure switch for automatic operation and a pressure gauge all fully assembled and ready for installation.

The JET Self priming electric pump will work even with the presence of air bubbles and small sandy impurities in the water, these pumps come with a fitted power cord with plug.

Suitable for domestic use, small civil, farming or industrial installations, washing plants and leisure activities.


Pump body and motor support in die cast aluminium.
Impeller, diffuser, venturi tube and sand guard in technopolymer
Stainless steel wear ring.
Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal.
Horizontal, 20 litre capacity tank, with butyl membrane, including rear support brackets and front housing brackets for installation of the top side of the pump.
Standard input voltage: single phase 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Motor protection rating: IP 44
Terminal block protection rating: IP 55
Insulation class: F
P1 Max kW: 1.13
P2 Nominal kW: 0.75
Ports: 1″


Flow rate up to  80 l/min (4.8 m³/h)
Head up to 48m


Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solid or abrasive contaminants, non-viscous, non-aggressive, uncrystallised and chemically neutral, close to the properties of water.
Liquid temperature range: from 0°C to +35°C for domestic use
(EN 60335-2-41). For other use: from 0°C to +40°C
Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar (800 kPa)



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Weight 21.5 kg
Dimensions L 492 x W 301 x H 500 mm

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