What is Water Pressure Boosting?

The need for water pressure boosting products has increased dramatically over the last decade. With more houses being built than water authorities can keep up with, water supply has had to stretch even further and consumers are disappointed with anything less than satisfactory performance from water taps and showers. European kitchen and bathroom designs are set up for high pressure systems as most European homes are already equipped with pressure boosting pumps. As they are making their way across the channel, UK homeowners are wanting the same performance from their luxury taps and showers as their foreign friends. With water authorities only having to provide 0.7 bar of incoming water pressure, if you want that indulgent shower then it’s time to take boosting your household pressure into your own hands.

There are so many options of water pressure boosting products that it can be a bit of a minefield, with every one sounding like the perfect solution, but will it work? Our advice to you is to do some research before spending a couple of hundred pounds on a quick fix. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Lots of factors determine the correct solution and if you have not been asked these questions, then whoever is selling you the product is probably not bothered whether it will work for you.


Questions you should be asked:

  1. What type of heating system do you have?    Is it Gravity Fed System or Combi Boiler or Pressurised Hot Water Tank
  2. What type of property is it?                             Is it a House, Flat, Bungalow, Hotel, Warehouse, Village Hall etc.  Also how many stories does it have?
  3. How many  showers at the property?             Also baths, toilets,  kitchens does it have?
  4. The number of people at the property?          Do you intend adding any bathrooms or extensions in the future?
  5. What is your mains incoming flow rate?        You can simply fill a litre jug & time how long it takes. ie. 5 seconds would equal 12 litres a minute flow rate.


Why this information is important?

Different pumps are required for different heating systems, and the required power of the pump will vary depending on how much water is needed, how high the water needs to be pushed and how many outlets will need to be supplied at a given time. The quantity of people living in the house who might potentially all need to have a shower at the same time, or one after another will make a big difference to the quantity of stored water you will need and if you are thinking of extending in the future you can safeguard against having to upgrade by buying a bigger system now. The incoming water is important as some systems have a minimum incoming pressure they require to work, and if you are filling a break tank it might not need to be as big if your incoming water only needs a little boost.Sentinel Water Pressure Booster

Water boosting products range from simple on/off controlled single pump arrangements, with or without integral water storage tank (a correctly sized cold water storage tank must supply the pump with water), to variable speed constant pressure packaged sets for higher specification installations.
A pressurised hot and cold water system served by a pressure boosting pump can satisfy the most demanding of requirements, outperforming most mains water pressurised systems.
Whatever your requirement, from single and two bathroom properties to luxury country properties with four or more bathrooms, Pump Warehouse can supply a product to meet your water pressure supply needs. Furthermore installing a pressure boosting pump will also help to guard against future reductions of pressure.


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